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Combserve Limited was founded in 1978 and started trading in modest accommodation in Halifax. Originally, Combserve started out by manufacturing, installing and servicing Underfeed Stoker equipment primarily to burn Solid Fuel (coal).

As the industry has changed - so have we at Combserve. We still manufacture and install Solid Fuel Under Feed Stoker equipment but we also undertake the servicing of Oil & Gas Industrial and Commercial Boilers.


Halifax was chosen because of its location and strong machine tool industry allowing Combserve to arrange first class component parts for its equipment.

From the beginning Combserve set out to provide an excellent service backed by quality engineering which allowed the company to progress slowly and efficiently to employ additional engineers.

As a result we are able to offer a comprehensive range of underfeed stokers suitable for firing solid fuel, wood chips, peat and various waste materials.



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